Mormons really do wear those weird garments and perform the handshakes in their temples. Please don't write to me and tell me this page is a bad joke.
And I DO NOT hate Mormons either.

Native American Maternal Genealogies (summary of the DNA-Mormon issue) by Simon Southerton. You can read Simon's exit story at (story #125)

Off site Bye Bye Dogma Interview Sept 4, 2002 with Dr. Todd Compton, author of In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith.

Off site Remembering the wives of Joseph Smith

Off site List of wives of Joseph Smith at the LDS FamilySearch

Off site List of wives of Brigham Young at the LDS FamilySearch


Hinckley Olympic interview 2002
by German TV reporter,
includes video clips
Links to other GBH interviews

Report of Administrative Action The form bishops fill in when someone resigns
Creation & other modifications re Zion's stakes & missions The fastest growing disappointment
The 2001 survey for women by the church, and discussion from BB
How Do LDS Women in U.S. Live Their Lives? The Salt Lake Tribune, 5 Oct 2002

Statistical report 1973 -- 2003 MS Word .doc file | HTML NEW

Statistical situation of the LDS membership in Europe 2002 — Not too uplifting for Mormons

Mormon Temple Apparel

A couple in temple robesFrom a Provo temple lockerTemple name page: see if your secret name is on the list, submit it

BTW, why do the temples have lockers
with locks & keys? It's a mystery.


The temple robes --> (modifying this just now, be patient)

Mormon underwearThis is what modern 2-piece garments look like. Go to Richard Packham's page to see a bigger version.


Ruler of the bedroomHere are some photos of men's one-piece garments, still sold. Unfortunately I don't yet have a women's one-piecer. I'm expecting a parcel with one from Kristine L. A. (should I write her whole last name here? Maybe.) in Salem since ... September 2003 or so.
Update 06/26/2004 Oh well, I guess she thought it would be more fun to use my money $60 for something for herself instead. What a shitty thing. Never send money to an exmormon without having some way to make sure they'll do what they have offered to do with it.


To learn about temple ordinances, visit or the LDS temple endowment page

Shaken (not stirred)
a.k.a. the temple handshakes

Aaronic priesthood 1
(the new name you got)
Aaronic priesthood 2
(your own name)
Melchizedek priesthood 1
Melchizedek priesthood 2
(Sure sign of the nail; the name is the ancient spell: health in your navel and marrow in your bones...)


To discuss anything and everything in Mormonism, visit and its bulletin board. Alternatives:

The View from the Foyer Motto: We also know how cruel the truth often is, and we wonder whether delusion is not more consoling. Henri Poincaré

The New Order Mormons | Search Yahoo Groups, for example this page. There's an active Mormon Yahoo group called "Mormons for Equality and Social Justice".

Journal of Discourses including page numbers

Photos of the pages in LDS History of the Church, where the Kinderhook plates are presented

The Nauvoo temple Anointing Book un-truncated version of second anointings listed (last entry # 232)

Book of Mormon, 1830 version txt file, 1420 kB Suffering from insomnia? Take a dose of "chloroform in print" as Mark Twain described it.

View of the Hebrews pdf, 1.27MB - TOC html

The infamous Negro address by apostle Mark E. Peterson NEW

Quotes on the origin of man and evolution of animals NEW

Other off-site links

Mormon Stock Index (somewhat old -- have fresh info? Contact webmaster!)
The LDS church is harassing Gunar Werner, owner and webmaster of (now in Germany. More info here.
Patriarchal blessings
Journals, Diaries, Biographies and Autobiographies of some early Mormons and others who knew Joseph Smith, Jr. and/or his contemporaries. Also the Mormon view of the BoA.
One time Church historian Leonard J. Arrington's papers caused some controversy. Page includes some articles from the Salt Lake Tribune concerning the dispute.
Check the contents of the superb infobases folio CD "New Mormon Studies", from Smith Research Associates. Expensive, but well worth it. Distributed by Signature Books and Utah Lighthouse Ministry for example.

Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon? by Howard A. Davis (et al.) (1977) From the introduction: "In this book we shall present the overwhelming evidences that convinced us that Solomon Spalding is actually the source of the composition now known as The Book of Mormon, originally a novel titled The Manuscript Found. We ask only that you read this book carefully and come to your own reasoned conclusion as to the true source of The Book of Mormon."

Magazines with a refreshing view on Mormonism: Sunstone and Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought.
The Mormon History Association

Dale Broadhurst of Community of Christ (former RLDS):

Sidney Rigdon | Oliver Cowdery | The New Spalding Studies site | Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles
Interesting message of Dale's on March 4, 2000 re: B.H. Roberts and his observations of Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews vs. Book of Mormon. The whole thread here.

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