Where to find Mormon Reference Books?

  • Visit your local city, county, or college library. (If the library does not have a particular book on its shelf many times they can obtain the book from another library. A library may even consider buying the book(s) if enough people are interested. Finding books at the library is probably the most inexpensive way to locate controversial Mormon books, however libraries often do not carry a very large selection.)
  • Request a book list from Utah Lighthouse Ministry, P.O. Box 1884, Salt Lake City, Utah, (801) 485-8894 or send an e-mail. Or, visit this web site which has an extensive book list (including many rare books).
  • Check out this listing of books at Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry where many of the books can be ordered through Amazon.com www.lds-mormon.com
  • I have been told with great enthusiasm that Benchmark Books in Salt Lake City is the single best source for scholarly/critical books on Mormon history. You may want to contact them at 800-486-3112 for more information.
  • Go to Mormonism in Transition (Institute for Religious Research) where you can download Larson's book on the Egyptian papyri for free or purchase it for $2 shipping and handling for Latter-day Saints. www.irr.org/mit/
  • If you are interested in learning about some of the problems with Mormonism you may want to read "To Any Latter Day Saint: One Investigator's Unanswered Questions" written by S. I. Banister. One review indicates that this "book is so thorough with its subject, that even the most devout Mormon would discover something about Mormonism and its history. There are pages and pages of questions and documents through which the reader will be unable to avoid the truth. There is no doubt that To Any Latter-Day Saint is a valuable resource for anyone dealing with the issue of Mormonism and its relation to the truth." This book costs seven dollars, and can be ordered directly from the author at their web page: home.unicomp.net/~banister/forlds.htm [link obsolete]
  • The Watchman Expositor has an extensive list of Mormon books on sale at rampages.onramp.net/~watchman
  • Controversial Mormom books can also be purchased through www.infidels.org/infidels/products/books/mormonism.html


Finding Mormon Reference Books
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