Recovery from Mormonism
This web page allows ex-Mormons the opportunity to tell their story. Some of the stories are emotional and seem very sincere. There are around seventy-five different stories to read at this site. Anyone that wants to learn more about the "emotional" aspect of leaving the LDS Church should check out this web site. There is also an e-mail list and a bulletin board that provides a forum for ex-Mormons in recovery. This is a great site.
Mormonism in Transition (Institute for Religious Research)
  • Book of Mormon discussion
  • COLOR Photographs of the Egyptian papyri are here.
  • Book of Abraham with an almost free offer ($2 P&H) for Charles Larson's book, "By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus" - download the book now!
  • Joseph Smith and Mormon Origins
  • If you want a ($2 S&H) free copy of Larson's book go to this site.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry - Official Site
The Utah Lighthouse Ministries is organized by Jerald and Sandra Tanner.
  • The Changing World of Mormonism
  • Topical Index
  • Library & Resources
  • News and Newsletters
  • Calendar Events
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Mormon Central by H. Michael Marquardt
  • Restoration History
  • Restoration News
  • Restoration Priesthood
  • Restoration Scriptures
  • Revelation
  • Translation
  • Church Organization
  • Family History
  • Temples

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry
  • Extensive Bibliography and Reviews
  • Many LDS Related Articles and Resources[will keep you reading for weeks]
  • Links, Links, and then some more Links.
  • This is an IMPRESSIVE site. I am glad someone pointed me to it. I already bookmarked it for future reference. I think you should too.

Misgivings About Mormonism [link obsolete]
  • Restoration of the Church
  • Mormon Canon
  • Most Alarming Doctrine
  • Comparison of Christian and Mormon Doctrine
  • Blind Faith, Feelings, and Moroni's Challenge
  • A Letter to Mormon Readers
  • Mormon Links

The Mormon Temple Endowment Homepage
  • LDS Temple Oridinances
  • The Evolution of the LDS Temple Garment (Drawings)
  • Washing of the Feet Ordinance
  • Second Annointing Ordinance
  • And much more about LDS Temples

Word for the Weary
Answering the Challenge of Mormonism from a Biblical Perspective
  • Statement of Faith
  • Articles
  • LDS History
  • Anserwing Mormon Objections
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Related Sites

Won't Someone Please Buy My Tokens? [link obsolete]
  • What goes on in the LDS Temple today
  • Evidence of borrowing from Masonry
  • Changes in the LDS Temple ceremony
  • Other Temple ceremonies

Mormonism Web Ministries (was "Trust the Truth Association") [link obsolete]
"Trust The Truth Association was formed to encourage reliance upon The Holy Bible, particularly when making decisions affecting one's eternal salvation. As part of our commitment, we have elected to accept the challenge which LDS Prophet" Brigham Young issued in 1873: "Take up the Bible, compare the religion of the Latter-day Saints with it, and see if it will stand the test." Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 16, p. 46." This web site has a substantial rare publication archive. This is a site worth visiting.
Mormonism: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • What Mormons Believe
  • Was Joseph Smith a Prophet?
  • Are the Mormon Scriptures True?
  • List of Links

Dave's Controversial Religion Page [link obsolete]
This WWW page has "Alternate Guide to Mormonism" a good starting for a beginner LDS investigator. But more interesting to me, the web page has the LDS temple ceremony versions, 1931, 1984, and 1990. For anyone interested in how the LDS ceremony changed this is a good place to look.
The Mormonism Research Ministry Home Page
This WWW page has a couple of interesting articles. Although a Mormon will probably not find them all that enlightening, an investigator will start to see more of the controversy surrounding the LDS Church. This web site also offers a free newsletter.
The Watchman Expositor
There are so many controversial LDS articles here that I have not had the time to read them all. This web page also offers a free newsletter. But, more importantly the resources are volumous. You can purchase many controversial books here at a reasonable prices under Mormon resources. Although this sounds like an advertisement, I am in no way connected to this organization.
Reason - Missing Pieces in Mormon History
"This web site was created to present all the parts of Mormon history that get left out, hidden, or thrown away, when those pieces of the puzzle don't fit together, (or form the picture), the that those writing "Official Church History" wanted." This site duplicates a lot of the material produced by Jerald and Sandra Tanner from Utah Lighthouse Ministry. There is a substantial book listing and order form available. This web site is not an official publication of the Utah Lighthouse Ministry.
Ex-Mormon; Questions and Answers [link obsolete]
"The purpose of this page is to provide information to those seeking alternate viewpoints concerning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known as the "Mormon Church." You can pose an LDS related question to the site and see an answer posted from an ex-Mormon perspective.
Ex-Mormon (Mark D. Champneys) [link obsolete]
  • To Dwell with Heavenly Father
  • Seek the Most High God
  • Grace vs. Works
  • Christianity Re-defined by Mormonism

Mormon Origins, by H. Michael Marquardt
  • Book of Abraham Revisited
  • Books Owned by Joseph Smith
  • Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar
  • Family of Joseph Smith, Sr.
  • Family of Joseph Smith, Jr.
  • Historical Documents
  • Inventing Mormonism

For Any Latter-Day Saint [link obsolete]
  • Book Review: Rocky Mountain Christian
  • About the Author
  • Exerpts from For Any Latter-day Saint
  • Readers Respond
  • LDS Links

Mormonism to Christianity: Answers to Questions [link obsolete]
  • An LDS Member's Exodus Out of Mormonism.
  • What if Feels Like to Leave.
  • Questions that LDS May Privately Ponder.
  • Win a free hammock if you can answer some questions.

Helping Mormons Reach Perfection
  • The Miracle of Forgiveness
  • Perfection Now
  • Dictionary of Mormonese

Mormonisms [link obsolete]
  • The Utah License Plate
  • The Testimony Tears
  • The BIG Family
  • The Name Game
  • Sports in Priesthood
  • All's Well in Zion

Mormon Links
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