Kirtland Endowment

"The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruff" by Dean C. Jessee, BYU Studies, Vol. 12, No. 4, p.387-388 (emphasis mine)
April 3rd [1837] The day had now arived for the preperations for the solumn assembly the Annointing & the endowment of the Elders of Israel or at least for those that were not endowed in Kirtland the strong hold of the daughter of Zion in the Spring of 1836 & as I was absent at that time my day is now come & my time at hand for those blessings & I shall record the events of each day of the endowment for the benefit of the generation to come. I upon this third day of April met in the house of the Lord with a number of the seventies to receive counsel respecting our washing & anointing. I was appointed with Elder G. Meeks60 to visit President F.G. Williams & have the perfumes & oil prepared against the day following I considered it a privilege to wait upon the Elders of Israel in this thing that we might become the annointed of the Lord according to the words of the Poet & the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST

We'll wash and be washed and with oil be anointed
Withal not omit the washing of feet
For he that receiveth his PENNY appointed
Must surely be clean at the hearvest of wheat

After attending to the duties above spoken I repaired to a room in company with Elder Meeks & Priest J Turpin to attend to our first washing after washing our bodies from head to foot in soap & watter we then washed ourselves in clear watter next in perfumed spirits the spirit of God was with us & we had a spiritual time. we spent the evening with several Elders in Prayer before God & the Power of God rested upon us.

April. 4th I met at the house of Elder Hales62 at one oclock. PM. in company with twenty three Elders President Joseph Young making one of the number for the purpose of attending to the ordinance of washing the body with clean watter & perfumes that our bodies might be prepared for the anointing President Young opened the meeting by prayer we then proceded to the ordinance myself & Elder G.W. Meeks were the first washed under the hands of President Joseph Young we then assisted President Young in washing our Brethren the Elders much of the spirit of God rested upon us I washed & perfumed the bodies of a number of my Brethren & the interview closed after expressing our feelings to each other. We again met together in the quorum of the seventies at the upper part of the Lords house at early candle light to receive our anointing. The quorums of the Deacons, Teachers, & Priest occupied one apartment the Elders another & the Seventies the third. each quorums met for the anointing. Three of the presidents met with the seventies viz H Aldrich J. Young and Z. Coultrin president Coultrin opened the meeting by prayer & after conversing plainly to those who were to be anointed they proceded to business the presidency consecrated the oil before God that it might be holy The person to be anointed then took a seat & the presidency then laid hands upon his head & consecrated him unto God & then anointed him in the name of the Lord & pronounced such blessings upon his his head as the testimony of Jesus shall direct which is the spirit of prophecy. We had a glorious season indeed in this solumn ordinance of the house of the Lord there were fifteen annointed in our quorum mostly by president Coultrin. the Power of God rested upon us. president Coultrin anointed me & the following are some of the blessing that he pronounced upon my head while clothed upon by the Spirit & Power of God. viz. that God would bless me with all the powers of the priesthood & give me a multiplicity of blessings that kings would tremble upon their thrones at my word. that I should become a Counsellor & multitudes should seek counsel at my mouth & I should have great wisdom & power to fly through the midst under heaven as Philip travled by the spirit that I should have power over my enemies & have long life & bring many into the kingdom of God Also that I should have the riches of the earth & that I should have sons & consecrate them priests unto God in Zion & that I should tread upon the ashes of my enemies in Jackson County those that had sought to take my life & the life of my brethren that went to redeem Zion & he also sealed upon my head all the blessing that had previously been pronounced upon me & thes blessing were sealed upon my head with a loud amen from all of the anointed present in the name of Jesus Christ Much of the power & spirit of God & a sens of the virtue of the ordinance rested upon me May God enable me to possess those blessing & obtain those vishions that have been promised me in this & other solumn ordinances & keep me from dishonouring my anointing & the Holy priesthood for Christ sake Amen.

Kirtland Endowment
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