I am neither Mormon or Christian. I am a Mason, and found your page fascinating...I spent hours learning from it..thnx...
I am a believer in the principles of salvation as taught by the Latter-day Saint Church. I however commend you on you web page. Though I do not share the conclusion you draw, I respect your citing references and presenting the history in a professional maner. Truth need not be denied and for too long there has been only a sanitized accounting of Mormon History, which in my opinion does not need apology. Hard times, rough circumstances tend to cause people to do many things that by today's standards seem out of sorts. Your site is well documented and for this I thank you. Others that are against the teachings of the Latter-day Saint church should take the higher ground also.
I just did a precursory look at your site and I am reminded that I "shall know the truth and the truth shall you (and others) free." Good job on turning on the light so that the works of darkness may be exposed.
Just to let you know I really dig your web site on Mormonism....

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for telling the history accurately...though on further perusal I probably do not agree with your conclusion..it is important to correctly relate history which the Church has been hesitant to do and most Anti Mormons do not evern attempt.
What a great web site. I have read many of the things you have here by folks like the Tanners and LaTonya (Scott I think) and the correlation between those sources and yours is perfect. I'm currently debating with two devout Mormon men at work and am using your web site as a source during lunch breaks when I don't have my books with me.
Man, I am sure glad that I came across this page. It has given me heaps of ammunition for my discussions with my Morman friends. I was looking for information on the Morman religion, and it sure looks like I came to the right place....

This is a great page, thanks for your time and effort that you put into this page. I am sure that you have helped many people with your loads of facts.

First of all, my congrats on your site.... My primary interest in the LDS actually comes from having lost an older brother (and his family) to this secretive, incomprehensible and authoritarian cult.

On my own I have "investigated" the LDS sales pitch. I even attended meetings with missionaries and have read a bit of the BofM. During my encounters I received instructions on what passage to read in order to get that famous "warm and fuzzy" feeling in the bosom telling you that all of this convoluted invention is "true." Now if you read "Lassie" or "Little Women" with a sincerity and an open heart you can get a warm and fuzzy feeling.. Anybody can get an emotional charge on any illusionary notion, the LDS cult banks a lot on that phenomena.

Thanks to the internet I completed my education of the cult. I now have a better understanding of why people fall into such foolishness. There are a number of sources that are useful including news groups. The "open to discussion" sites are not as slick as the LDS sites though. The LDS propaganda mill is a very powerful and well financed machine. The sales strategies themselves provide sufficient subject matter for a doctoral thesis.

I have found that the LDS church is a source of comfort to those who are anxious (for social or emotional reasons) to be relieved of their intellectual responsibilities as intelligent beings....

Once a person is in the fold it is hard for them to break away. The integrated approach (LSD is a 7x24, get your wife and children involved religion) guarantees that there will be copious family and peer pressure for the person to stay and shut up.

Dealing with true believers is tough business, laudable but tough. I have seen the nasty e-mail you have received. Their malevolence and rancor is palpable, cults hate exposure. I think that the most constructive part of your research and exposure is showing potential "Saints" just how dumb the whole concept is, it does not even qualify as creative anthropology.

If you have dissuaded even one would be "Saint" then you have done another human being a super favor and have made your efforts in this page worthwhile....

Take care of yourself and PLEASE keep up the good work.

I just wanted to send a note to say thanks. Thanks to people like yourself the truth can be easily accessible. Thank you
I thank you for your courage in maintaining a website of this nature that will help people realize the truth.
Very interesting site for this genealogist, historical researcher ...

The site's well organized, and despite the protests of one person in the "negative comments" section, I find your use of journals and talks to support your points vastly *superior* to much of what I see in genealogy research ....

I am glad that you took the time to put together such an informative and truthful source.

As a returned missionary and former mormon, I was deeply hurt when I opened my eyes to the lies and dreams that they sell. Now, and quite unforseen, I am a single mother who will make sure her boys will be aware of this information about the church so they are never fooled as I was.

Once again, thank you.

Thanks for your webpage... very informative.
Being a Mormon for 27 years and very well acquainted with masonic ritual on my own and being Mayan initiated, can say this is sound information and invaluable in confronting the deciet that mormon leaders impression on humanity for their power and wealth gain. Thank you for a valuable, necessary good work. And there is more we all can do.
You have an informative site with lots of interesting links. Keep up the good work!
Way to go. Great info!
Thanks for your work on another great site.

I think that the Internet is a true blessing. Pages such as this will doubtlessly be the death-knell for quasi-Christian cults like Mormonism, since information like this is now available to the masses doing a search on Mormonism, rather than hidden away on the bottom shelf of a mainline Christian bookstore that most Mormons would never visit anyway.

... With the help of the TRUTH, I am out of the church, and my wife, a lifetime member, is on her way to the truth as well... remaining a member only for local social and "political correctness" purposes....

Wow, great web page!
thanks for your help and for a very nice web page.
The great thing about finally realizing (after 28 years) that the LDS church is just a church of men, like any other church, is that I am finally free to worship God. No more attempts at mind-bending exercises of faith. No more confusion in Sacrament meeting. No more half-hearted explanations to my non-LDS husband. No need to explain strange ideas to my children. The Internet provided me with just enough information for me to finally recognize that there was no way I would believe the LDS church is true. Thank you.
I loved your page and all your research.
I just wanted to say thank you for your web site. Ah Mormonism, the "religion" that claims to be "Christian" yet contradicts the key priciples of the Bible.....
Great site, man!
Keep it up , Brother, the truth needs to be known!!
Thank you so much for the extremely detailed and forthright information!! I was four days away from being baptized into the church, when I came across your WebSite, and boy, they don't tell you about this stuff in the discussions!! When I asked one of the missionaries why Abraham would have written the Book of Abraham in Egyptian, she told me that it was because you could write more of it on a page than Hebrew, then she said, "Well, maybe it WAS written in Hebrew, I'm not sure." And the other told me that the church has NEVER taught that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are one. When I pointed out where it says this in the BOM, he told me he was not going to "sit here all night and answer these charges." (This from lifelong members of the church, over 50 years.) What I find most interesting is that the church's own literature is the most damning, yet I am told that I am reading "anti-mormon" things. WOW. I didn't pray to see if the BOM is true, I prayed to be lead to the truth, and I found it. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!
Thank you for taking the time to put this on the web. I am surprised that this evidence of fraud and deceit is still in the scripture. How many years do you think it will take for the GA's to remove this from the "sticks".

Unfortunatly this proof of Josephs Con wont be around for ever. These Liars make their bull more pallatable each decade.

I intend to study your website fully.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your web site. I became inactive four years ago. I left because I did not agree with how the Church treats certain groups (homosexuals, women, blacks, and native americans.) Also, I found that mormonism did not make my family immune to problems. We were not the type of Mormon family that they show on TV. Over the past several years, I have been doing some research on some of the more intellectual issues. I found your articles to be very informative. I also appreciate your nonatagonistic tone.
Keep up the good work. Your manner is dignified and your temperament is even, this does you a great deal of credit.
I really enjoyed your page on mormonism. As a descendant of Wilford Woodruff, I have always been fascinated by the early church. In one of Woodruffs diaries, I recall a passage where he seemed to be very angry at Brigham Young for shutting down everyone's stills. WW thought that it was an attempt by Young to corner the whisky market, because young kept his own still going so as to have a source for "medicine".
I just spent a couple of weeks (not all at once, of course) perusing your site, and I have to say it's exceptional. All your facts are presented fairly (often with reminders that you just want Mormons to THINK FOR THEMSELVES FOR ONCE). You've done a great job of research and compilation.
Thank you for your information. While I am not mormon I work with several. The experience in seeing what they say verses how they act is interesting. It seems to me that they can justify any act from theft to lying.
You have an awesome web page, truly I am jealous!

I had to drop you a note to thank you for your obvious hard work in assembling these pages.

Having followed your discussions(?) with some of the LDS on the newsgroup, it looks like you are as open-minded as it gets--yet the Mormons seem to classify you as antagonistic. The tone of alt.religion.mormon has become one that attacks either the poster's background credentials or his personal lifestyle rather than address the issue raised.

I just read about ... the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I want to thank you first of all for your candid presentation of the events and for making it accessible to people like myself by offering it to the www. I know that it takes tremendous courage to step out and tell the truth. I commend you, and you will be blessed for it.
nice web site
Gidday! Your site is well researched and unbiased. That slightly hysterical edge found on some pages is replaced with solid information and interested links. If it weren't for sites like yours, people in countries like mine (Australia) where hard copy information is almost non-exsistant, would still be floundering for hard info to back up those ominous feelings of disquiet.
Dear Sir,

I have read some of your web page in the past in just a few seconds ago. Once again, I have enjoyed some of the things that you are trying to do with it. I have also read your criticism page and have found it full of the same over-zealous Church members who speak their point of view with pure emotion, and no reason. It's funny how often those same responses (your critics) line the walls of news-groups, web pages. "Your going to hell, bring sun tan lotion", "I hope you can find the truth", these being the most ironic. Anyway, I would like to encourage you in your ministry in showing a non-LDS influenced view of Mormonism.

Just finished looking over your Mormon web page. Loved it. The truth about the Mormon church should be spread all over so more people aren't deceived. Seems that they are now trying to become mainstream with some of their teachings. Guess they are would like to become mainstream before the roof falls in on them.

Keep up the good work.

Hello James.

I think that the service that you are providing is wonderful. .... Keep up the good work. May God Bless You Always!

I have wanted to tell you thank you for your web site many times... It has helped me IMMENSELY in writing to folks ... in fact two weekends ago your web site was the source for all information I sent two different people who were scheduled to be baptized into the church...

One was in the US and one was in Slovenia... and BOTH made choices not to join the church..

Thank you for all the work that went into that web site.. It by FAR is the best one on the web.

God bless your efforts..

Just though I'd drop you a line. Good site!
I enjoyed reading your web page.....
Thank you!! I have been trying to decide if I should finally give in to the peer pressure of my inlaws, neighbors, community, and state (Utah) to join the LDS church. The missionaries have been here four times, we are on lesson two. I am familiar with the church, I attended primary when I was young, and have been surronded by it all my life. My problem has always been... I do not believe in the Book of Mormon! History book or not, they expect me to believe this 14 year boy (who waited how many years) had a vision of angels whom he later claimed to be God and his son Jesus Christ ( seems strange you would confuse them with mere angels) used a couple of rocks and wrote this book, as the word of God.

I have prayed, fasted, done all of the things they have asked me to do. This is what happens, everytime I get online to study something positive about the "book" I end up in places like this.

My Mother- inlaw tells me it's the advisary tempting me. I say I prayed, I asked to be shown the answers..... and as I said, I always end up here.

It saddens me to think of those 9 million people who are so mislead. After I read about the Veiw of the Hebrews, what can I say but my heavens people open thine eyes!!!!!

A man in the negative comment section really sets a wonderful example of the typical "Utah Mormon" ( and yes, I have seen the difference) WHEN HE WRITES, "For those of you who have been con'ed by those like the Tanner's and other "gainsayers", they are those whom the Lord doesn't want in his fold." Hello!! Doesn't want? I am sorry, that statement galls me!

I am grateful that because "my" God is one of love, we will ALL get to be with him. Even those of you who feel the only way in is if you are baptised, married in the temple, or give a church 10% of everything you earn, ect., ect. You see it is my belief that we are ALL children of God, and he would no more turn anyone of us away, as any of us would turn our own children away.

One final thought, another negative comment asked at the end, "Why is this so important?" It is important to because we are all here to learn, progress, study, and to form our own unique and hopefully rational observations. Or if one is willing it is important to have your eyes opened.

Thank you again for a few more reasons ( not just feelings) to keep my eyes wide open.

I went to the web site and it was great. Thanks and God bless!
.... I found you site to be an excellent source of information. Thanks for your excellent contribution to the web. Your page is documented most excellently (I had to confirm a couple of sources and found it very easy since you included page numbers :) ...

Thanks again.

Thank-You for your dedication to truth and sharing truth with others!
Thanks for sharing the Masonic information, as I have been curious about it for a while.
Your Web Page looks pretty interesting .... Good Job!
I haven't had time to peruse your whole web site, but you're doing a good work by exposing many truths about this pseudo religion.
James, you've done a great job! Your website reflects a mature mind that is unencumbered by the usual petty hatred and anger directed at the Mormon church.

.... As a former member of the church, I can relate to many of the truths which you have exposed. The journey away from mormonism is difficult and exhaustive. Your website represents an oasis offering food for thought and drink for clarification both of which are needed by the weary traveler.

We found your quiz to be very entertaining and almost intelligible. I assure that your time spent in developing this VERY informative website is well-spent.
I must say that your research is extensive. I've poured over your site and stumbled across your trails in the news groups. I'm wondering what your experience with the church has been. Were you proselytized and prompted to do research, or are you an ex-Mormon? I must also say that your information was one of the hammer blows that destroyed the last vestiges of my faith.

I've been a Mormon all my life and never entertained the possibility that the church wasn't everything it said it was. In the eighth grade I took Ancient History from an eccentric old guy who was also the band teacher. He taught us how to recognize the figures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon (this represents the sum total of my study of Egyptology), Anubis is the figure with the head of a jackal, Horus is the guy with the hawks head, and there in my Pearl of Great Price were Isis and Osiris...then I read the caption. If I remember correctly, the figure that I thought was Isis was labeled "Pharaoh". All those Mormon defense mechanisms kicked in and I closed the book and didn't think about it again for another six years. I was a missionary in New Mexico, preaching the truth and, as missionaries sometimes do, riffling through some anti- pamphlet that I had come across thinking that I had heard it all before. When I saw a small reproduction of the hypocephalus ("the round one" I called it) I stopped. The text said simply, "The Book of Abraham scrolls are really funeral scrolls called the "Book of Breathings" made for someone named Hor." "I knew it!" I thought, but the Mormon defenses, bolstered by the missionary mind set came to the rescue. I put the pamphlet down and didn't think about it again for another eight years.

Then came the Internet. The rest is history.

What really kills me is that the brethren and their monkeys over at FARMS who know about the scrolls still keep the facts to themselves and continue to spread the old party line. The latest edition of the Ensign is a perfect example. I saw it when I was at my sister's house the other night, but I didn't have a chance to look at it. Do you know if they pulled the same facsimile-on-the-papyrus stunt as a few years ago? "The Book of Abraham..." it said (paraphrasing), "...a real life, bona fide ancient record."

Keep up the good work! You don't have the edge of vengeance in your writing like the Tanners do sometimes.

Well, I think your scholarship is well done - I only missed two questions and guessed each right the second time. As a former Gospel Doctrine teacher I certainly should know some of this stuff! But what I don't understand is, do people really leave Mormonism for reasons of intellectual disproof? The vast majority of educated Mormons I have known harbor doubts as to one or more of the major doctrines of the Church, and many are already aware of problems with the whitewashed history that the Church presents to the average member. But they also have a lot invested in their church memberships. By leaving they might jeopardize their marriages, jobs, homes, standing in the community, custody of their children, etc. This is the voice of experience talking! What, if anything, are you trying to convert Mormons TO?
I find your web site very informative and well-done. Before resigning from the LDS Church in 1994 I conducted an intense personal research of original documents, books, etc. to see if what the Church was teaching me was true or false. From their own early church history doctrines,diaries, books, etc. I found that today they are hiding certain truths so that the members may have joy! Everyone must be in unity and of one heart, mind, purpose. I was told by my institute teacher to not dig or think too deeply:just look to the prophet and read the Book of Mormon everyday. He warned me to not say anything bad about the Mormon Church. I assured him that I would only reveal the truth. Jesus led me out of that church and now I'm safe in His fold ...

Thank you again, James, for your wonderful service to mankind. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

Your have a great site. Lot's of important information.
I saw your web page and enjoyed it.
Your site looks good. Yes I have visitied it. Don't get me wrong, doesn't mean I agree with everything, just like your site. :-)
I have been reading some of your posts on the religion.mormon groups and have visited your web site. I have been impressed by your logic and the info that you have presented. I appreciate the fact that you and others have researched and given this information out to the public.

I was born in the LDS church and live in Utah. I am no longer a believer but my name is still on the church rolls. Some of your debates with active Mormons are laughable, especially the ones who base all their arguments on their "testimony" and their feelings. It seems they are the very ones who then turn around and accuse you of trying to _ steal_ their "testimony." It seems it is quite fragile, after all. Really, though, I see no humor in their situation. They see the truth but feel compelled to rebut it, yet they have no ammunition to do so.

I suppose you realize that you will never convince someone who is determined to be a mormon of the church's shady history. That is alright; I feel that anyone should be a Mormon who truly wants to be, however, let everyone be able to make an informed choice about the matter. It is especially good to get the temple ceremonies out in the open so that potential temple goers can found out what they are getting in to before they are pressured into it.


Your web page has been fascinating! This page and all the links have been a real eye-opener! I have been reading it, because I was supposed to be endowed last August, and I keep putting it off. One of my sons joined the Marines, and does not attend the LDS church there, even though he does at home with me when he is on leave. The other has moved onto campus, and keeps "forgetting" to go to church. Both of them told me to go ahead and get endowed without them, and they would "Do it later."

I have to say there is alot of good in the church on a superficial level taking care members and teaching you to have a years' supply of food in case of disaster, etc. But I just can't make myself go that next step. I think the real reason we joined was because we were homesick westerners, and the LDS church was the first place in GA we had found any fellow westerners - AND I had been laid off, and I knew they would help me with food, etc. My sons and I prayed about it, and decided it was right at the time. They really do get you when you are down. And to think that I was married to an Ex-Mormon for 20 years, and never joined the church during that time.

I got my Patriarchal Blessing about a month ago, and found it amusing when he said, "Now these things might happen now, or in your resurrected life. So donít get disappointed if they don't happen in this life." But then he said to read my Patriarchal Blessing and the Book of Mormon daily, and my faith would increase. Sounds just like self-hypnotism to me. Besides, when I try to read it, I find it impossible to take seriously. Especially when I read Smith's old sermons/ teachings, and they have the same wording as the BoM. Coincidence? I think not.

Today, I've been going through many web pages to help me decide what to do. I now feel confirmed in my uneasiness about becoming endowed into the Temple. I have sent this information on to my kids.

Great web site!

I am currently a Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint church. I have also studied past doctrines preached to the Saints, along with Church history in general that i can not talk about with my LDS friends. The main problem with some Internet Sites on Mormonism is that they usually did not do much research on Mormonism, most of it they hear from others. Your site, on the other hand i have noticed has made Church history like black and white, and to my mind what you have written for the most part is correct.

My parents know that i have read books by the Tanners but they understand that for me, it is important to know the roots, doctrines, and practices of my Church in order to feel like i can personally make a commitment to it. Which i have.


Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my comments .... Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have spent some time trying to get info of just the sort you have carefully provided on your pages. Many thanks
My only exposure to Mormonism was to share a room with a Mormon in college. He tried for a year and a half to convert me. I found the tale of Mormonism struck me as sounding quite bizarre to my Baptist ears. It has always amazed me that people believed the tale of Joseph Smith, and in such vast numbers. It is pleasing to see that someone is willing to point out what seems obvious to non-mormons. A well done site...
I did spend some time in the Mormon church. It was part of my curious discovery stage and it was not too long ago. It taught me a valuable lesson in loving people even if you don't agree with what they believe in.

Now that I've distanced myself for a couple years or so. I am interested in pages like yours. I don't like the reports that totally bash this group of people. I just like to see the real picture as much as possible. I'm reading the book by Ms. Brodie for a report in College and it's brought back alot to me.

I just want you to know that it is good to have this information available to anyone on the Net.

I think your site is simply amazing. I have been an 'investigator' for some time now and your site is one of the most informative.
I love the web site....All the information is in one place with pictures and all, very impressive. Good Job!
Your pages were very informative, sir. Thank you for maintaining them.

I myself am Mormon--and a convert--and a reasonably intelligent one at that. If I am intelligent, you ask, how could I maintain my status in this church after reading of its history?

Well, I can't really vouch for how I got into it (it's a long story), but I've seen my life improve enormously in the two years since I joined the church. As such, I invoke the scientific method (since the only real changing variable in my life in the past two years has been the church) and declare that the church is correct, at least for me. I do not deny the claims made by people such as yourself--many are true, but all are not. Either way, I've been enjoying Mormonism so far, and I'll probably stick with it.

Anyway, thanks again for maintaining your pages. Your information was very well-researched and presented in an objective manner, which is more than I can say for the bulk of anti-church pages out there. Keep up the good work!

I feel that your web page is the most comprehensive, detailed, *fair*, and in-depth of all that I have seen on this subject of Mormonism. Though some may disagree with you, you do not present your information in a snide, "mormon-bashing" way (such as tbose on alt.religion.mormon would have us to believe....any questions, opinions, and misconceptions on that newsgroup are automatically deemed 'anti-mormon' by those of the LDS faith, but that's a different subject). I really enjoyed reading your page and I'm glad I came across it. I even learned some things that I didn't know before. Keep up the good work, and God bless!
James, that page is simply fantastic! You have made accessible so much information that countless others looking to leave the church can use! I'm going to send this web address off to my girlfriend in hopes that it helps her. Thanx!
Pretty impressive....
What a wonderful job we are very impressed you have definitly done your reasearch.we will be studing your page for awhile and will be using it for others to refrence,It's nice to see people like you doing this for all thoes who are seeking truth. Keep up the good work
You have done an outstanding page with your Closer Look at Mormonism page.

I was interested in the wives of other mormons who married Joe Smith. Quite revealing and detailed...I wish I had the knowledge and the time do attempt what you have done.

Just a quick note to congratulate you on your Mormon web pages- an excellent, well-researched, and well composed collection of documents and essays. And I appreciate most your tone of fairness. Keep up the good work!
Your site rocks, OK? ... I don't believe there are any other pages out there with the facsimiles you have. People who are into early Church history will certainly enjoy it. I think the little quotes at the top of the pages are a nice touch, too :)
Your pages are excellent! Keep the research and original source documentation coming.

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