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A Guide to Controversial Mormon Resources on the Internet

"... the information the LDS Church may not want you to know."
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Adam-God Doctrine, Brigham Young teaches

*Alcohol, Joseph Smith drinks and obtains liquor license

Anthon, Professor Charles, letter regarding Book of Mormon characters


Baptism for the Dead

Blacks and the LDS Church

Blacks in Mormonism

Blood Atonement in Mormonism

Book of Abraham, download book on Joseph Smith's translation at this site

Book of Abraham, COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS of papyri

Book of Abraham, Egytologist doubts Joseph Smith translated papyri.

*Book of Abraham, Examples of Egyptian hypocephali, facsimile no. 2

*Book of Abraham, Facsimiles

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 1

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 1 what Egyptologists say

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 2

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 2 what Egyptologists say

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 3

*Book of Abraham, Facsimile no. 3 what Egyptologists say

Book of Abraham, Inventing

*Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

Book of Abraham, Manuscript with Egyptian Characters

Book of Abraham, Response to John Gee (FARMS)

Book of Abraham, Revisited

*Book of Abraham, Sensen text aligned with text

Book of Abraham, Solving the Mystery of the Papyri (ULM)

Book of Commandments, 1833 version

Book of Mormon, ancient or modern?

Book of Mormon, Archeology discussion download here

Book of Mormon, and the Bible

Book of Mormon, Computer Study by BYU

Book of Mormon, 1830 version

Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith uses Apocrypha

Book of Mormon, Lost 116 pages

Book of Mormon, Questions regarding

Book of Mormon, Smithsonian Institute Letter on

Book of Mormon, Sources for Names

Book of Mormon, Witnesses

Book of Mormon, Witnesses discussion

Book of Mormon, Witness to, David Whitmer

Books owned by Joseph Smith


Carthage Jail, Photographs (Photo 1)

Carthage Jail, Photographs (Photo 2)

Contradictions in LDS Scripture

Cowdery, Oliver, Witness to the Book of Mormon


Danites, Bill Hickman and Brigham Young

Danites, Bill Hickman in Utah



*Egyptian Papyri, facsimile no. 1

*Egytian, Facsimile no. 2

*Egyptian Papyri, facsimile no. 3

*Egyptian, Joseph Smith's connection to papyri

*Egyptian, Joseph Smith Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

Egyptian, Joseph Smith Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

*Egyptian, JS Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar compared to Sensen Text

*Egyptian, Lion Couch Scenes Examples

*Egyptian, Papyri General

*Egyptian, Papyri found copies

*Egyptian Papyri, LDS Church purchases

*Egyptian Papyri, Joseph Smith translates

Excommunication of LDS Intellectuals


FARMS, Battling the "Antimormonoids"

First Vision, Joseph Smith

First Vision, Joseph Smith

First Vision, More problems with

First Vision, Summary of evidence


Hale, Isaac; affidavit about Joseph Smith

Harris, Martin, Witness to the Book of Mormon

Harris, Martin, 1859 Interview

History, Mormon Church hides

Hofmann, Mark - Salamander Forgeries

Hofmann, Mark and Salamander Letter

Homosexuals at BYU


*Kinderhook Plates

Kinderhook Plates

King Follet Discourse, Joseph Smith's Sermon on God, creation...


*Links, Controversial Mormon Web Sites

"Legacy", the LDS Movie and Distorted History

Lying for the Lord


*Masonry, General

*Masonry, LDS Temple Ceremony and Masonic Ceremony Similarities

Masonry and the LDS Temple Ceremony (five different views)

Masonry and Mormonism

Masonry in the Temple

*Mormon, Common misconceptions

Mormon Church hides its true history

Mormon Church's lack of modern day revelation and desire for power

Mormon Doctrine Altered

Mormon Historians

Mormonism and Christianity

*Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre, Confession of John D. Lee


Name changes, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Nauvoo Expositor Newspaper Press, legality of destruction

Nauvoo Expositor Newspaper Press, (Printed June 7, 1844, destroyed June 10, 1844)

Nauvoo, General

Nauvoo, 1844

Nauvoo, Temple Tour

Nauvoo, Temple Attic (Endowment Rooms)


Paid Ministries, LDS Church

Pearl of Great Price, Flaws in

Plagiarism in Mormonism

Polygamy, Inception to Senate Investigations (ULM)

*Polygmay, Joseph Smith denies and practices polygamy at the same time

*Polygamy, Joseph Smith marries the wives of other men

*Polygamy, Illinois State Law against

Polygamy, Chronology of Federal Legislation

Polygamy, Related Links

*Polygamy, Doctrine and Covenants teaches contrary

Polygamy, Post-Manifesto

Polygamy, Post-Manifesto (additional info)

Prophecies, Failed


Removing your name from the LDS Church records

Revelations, Changing


Salamander Letter and Mark Hofmann

Sealings men to men (Law of Adoption)

*Smith, Joseph denies and practices polygamy at the same time

*Smith, Joseph drank alcohol after the Word of Wisdom and obtained license to sell

Smith, Joseph Smith and Drinking

Smith, Joseph; First recorded revelation

Smith, Joseph; First Visions, summary of evidence

Smith, Joseph, "Glass Looker" Trial Smith, Joseph - Trial and Forgeries?

Smith, Joseph, treasure hunting

*Smith, Joseph marries the wives of other men

*Smith, Joseph translates papyri

Spalding Authorship Page

Spalding Studies Page


Temple, LDS Ceremony (Homepage Dedicated to the LDS Ceremony)

Temple, LDS Ceremony, altered in 1990 (ULM)

Temple, LDS Ceremony; Drawings of Garments

Temple, LDS Ceremony 1931 Version

Temple, LDS Ceremony 1984 Version

Temple, LDS Ceremony 1990 Version

*Temple, LDS Ceremony, Kirtland Endowment

Temple, LDS Ceremony, Names given

*Temple, LDS Ceremony and Masonic Ceremony Similarites

Temple, LDS Ceremony and Second Annointings

Temple, LDS Ceremony and Washing of Feet

Temple Recommend Questions

Terminology Differences, LDS and Bible

*Tithing, How much do you pay?


View of the Hebrews

Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, Mormon viewpoint


Whitmer, David, Witness to the Book of Mormon

Whitmer, David, An address to believers in the Book of Mormon

Witnesses, Book of Mormon

Women and Mormonism

Word of Wisdom


Young, Brigham, Adam-God Sermon

Young, Brigham, LDS Manual portrays Young as monogamist

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