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Here is my grading scale for the 20 questions:
All 20 Correct - You probably cheated, but if not, CONGRATULATIONS!
18-19 Correct - Excellent!
14-17 Correct - Good Job!
10-13 Correct - Above Average.
5-9 Correct - Room for improvement.
0-4 Correct - Need for improvement. (Retake the test, I won't tell)

Early LDS Polygamy

1. Did Joseph Smith marry the wives of other men?
(a) YES
(b) NO

2. Did Joseph Smith practice polygamy?
(a) YES
(b) NO

3. Was polygamy against the law in Illinois in the 1840's?
(a) YES
(b) NO

4. Who was likely Joseph's first polygamous wife?
(a) Sarah Pratt
(b) Fannie Alger
(c) Mary Rollins Lightner
(d) Sally Gulley

5. Did the LDS Church leaders and Joseph Smith deny that they taught and practiced polygamy in Nauvoo?
(a) YES
(b) NO


6. Did Joseph Smith drink alcohol on a number of occasions?
(a) YES
(b) NO

7. Did Joseph Smith obtain a liquor license from the Nauvoo City Council to distribute and sell alcohol to anyone he chose?
(a) YES
(b) NO

8. What type of alcohol drinks did the Word of Wisdom (Doctrine and Covenants 89) apply in the early LDS Church?
(a) All drinks
(b) Mixed drinks
(c) Strong drinks
(d) Soft drinks

Joseph's Death

9. Did Joseph Smith drink alcohol on the night he was killed?
(a) YES
(b) NO

10. Joseph Smith did prophecy his death in the Carthage jail.
(a) TRUE

11. What did Joseph Smith use to defend himself during the attack on his life in the Carthage jail?
(a) His hands
(b) A knife
(c) A club
(d) A smuggled six-shooter

12. Joseph Smith killed or wounded some of his attackers before he was killed himself.
(a) TRUE

LDS Temple Ceremony/Masonry

13. Have some Masonic symbols and signs been found in the LDS temple ceremony?
(a) YES
(b) NO

14. When did Joseph Smith become a Mason?
(a) 1839
(b) 1840
(c) 1841
(d) 1842

15. When did Joseph Smith first instruct the other LDS Church leaders on the principles and order of the Priesthood?
(a) 1830
(b) 1835
(c) 1840
(d) 1842

Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri

16. What year did Joseph Smith purchase what he called the Book of Abraham from a traveling Egyptian mummy exhibitor?
(a) 1835
(b) 1840
(c) 1845
(d) 1850

17. What year did Joseph Smith first publish the Book of Abraham?
(a) 1842
(b) 1843
(c) 1844
(d) 1845

18. What is Facsimile No. 2 of the Book of Abraham represent in the Egyptian religion?
(a) An Egyptian hypocephalus - an amulet to keep the deceased body warm.
(b) An astrological chart made by Abraham.
(c) A frisbee used by children to provide exercise.
(d) A seal placed on the temple door to guarantee protection.

19. Joseph Smith claimed that one Egyptian scroll contained the Book of Abraham, what did he say the other scroll contained?
(a) Revelations
(b) Records of Joseph
(c) The Book of Jasher
(d) The Apocrypha

Bonus Question

20. What was the original name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
(a) The Church of Christ
(b) It's always been The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
(c) Church of Joseph Smith
(d) Church of Mormon

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