Käskyjen kirja luku 31

A Revelation to David, given in Fayette, New-York, September, 1830.

  1. Behold I say unto you, David, that you have feared man and have not relied upon me for strength, as you ought:
  2. But your mind has been on the things of the earth more than on the things of me, your Maker, and the ministry whereunto you have been called; and you have not given heed unto my Spirit, and to those who were set over you, but have been persuaded by those whom I have not commanded:
  3. Wherefore you are left to inquire for yourself, at my hand, and ponder upon the things which you have received.
  4. And your home shall be at your father's house, until I give unto you further commandments.
  5. And you shall attend to the ministry in the church, and before the world, and in the regions round about. Amen.